So what’s so special about getting a massage? What’s it like inside of a floatation therapy tank? Can therapeutic massage really help me recover from an injury? What’s the difference between Thai massage and Swedish massage? Or active release technique, for that matter?

It’s interesting; for as popular as all the different forms of massage therapy are in Naples and all across the world, there are always less people who understand it than those who actually enjoy getting one. Tabatha Petersen of Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is an expert in both the art and science of massage, and has the skills to treat a wide variety of mental and physical ailments. If you’ve ever asked any of the above questions, this blog is for you!

In the coming weeks, we will be delving into some of the fascinating topics related to massage and neuromuscular therapy. If you enjoy getting a nice, relaxing Thai massage but have no idea why it feels so good, this blog will help to demystify some of the more elusive aspects of this practice that has been evolving over hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of years.

Tabatha knows how fascinating the subject of therapeutic massage can be, and this blog will be a great resource to educate and entertain you. If you have ideas for topics that you would like to see discussed in this space, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions! And if you live in Naples and have yet to experience the benefits of massage firsthand, we invite you to come visit Naples Massage & Neuromuscular to see what it’s all about!