Have you heard of floatation therapy? If so, you may have heard about some of the myths surrounding this wonderful method of relaxation. Naples Massage and Neuromuscular would like to bust some of these myths for our clients!

Myth: Sleeping in the floatation tank is dangerous.

We know that sleeping in water sounds like it would lead to drowning, but this isn’t the case. Many of our clients fall asleep while in the floatation tank. In fact, an hour in a float tank serves as a super power nap and can help you feel more energized and creative once you awaken. If you’ve never been in the floatation tank before, you may think you’ll roll over in your sleep and drown. Our tanks make it very difficult to turn over, so you shouldn’t be too worried. Also, a little saltwater in your eyes will probably wake you up should you manage to turn over in your sleep.

Myth: Floatation is a replacement for sleeping.

Floatation therapy has a reputation of replacing sleep since many people claim that one hour in the flotation tank is the same as a full night’s sleep. While floatation may make you feel as good as if you’ve slept for eight hours straight, make sure you still maintain a healthy and regular sleep pattern. Floatation therapy can help those with insomnia by relaxing them several hours before it’s time for bed.

When you’re ready for a floatation therapy session to bring you to a new level of relaxation, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment. For other options, like our Thai massage, give us a call to learn more! We look forward to bringing you to a new level of relaxation.