1. Tabatha is a Miracle Worker!

    "After trying to get help in Toronto for two months with no success, ONE SESSION WITH TABATHA RELEIVED MY PAIN! Unbelievable. Thank You. May Mencke"…Read More

    May Lebanc-Mencke
  2. Tension in Neck is Reduced

    "Anthony had to work very hard to relieve the tension in my neck which has been a problem for me for quite some time. The result is excellent as my neck is much more relaxed. "…Read More

    george mencke
  3. Excellent Facility!

    "Tabitha is the best! She has helped heal me from all sports injuries so much quicker! She has helped with old injuries as well as the new ones! "…Read More

    Connie Johnson
  4. Excellent Massage by Anthony

    "Anthony never fails to offer the very best massage I have ever had! He asks your needs, focuses on them, and manages to leave you relaxed but energized. He is professional and thorough. I highly recommend Anthony."…Read More

  5. Tremendous Massage by Anthony

    "Anthony is able to combine many modalities when doing body work, including Thai massage, deep tissue, etc. He instinctively knows exactly where & how much pressure to apply. Because I am an athlete with a few replaced parts, there are not many people I would trust to do such extensive work on me. Anthony is amazing. Highly recommend him if you're looking for someone who can really help you."…Read More

    Joy S
  6. Massage

    "Excellent massage by Nancy. I travel a lot and try to get with a good LMT at various locations. They were able to fit me in even after one LMT got sick. Very good and very professional."…Read More

    Jeffrey Sailor
  7. Fabulous Massage!

    "I had a massage with Kait this past week and all I can say is, WOW! Because of my workout regimen, I prefer a deep tissue treatment. Definitely one of the best massages I have ever had! "…Read More

    Scott R
  8. Kait Sullivan

    "The first time I worked with Kait I couldn't pick up my left leg on my own. After the first 90 minute session, I was almost back to normal. Since then, she has been instrumental in keeping me healthier and functioning at a high level at work. Not only does she help, but, she teaches me the why and how of what is going on. Her service is invaluable."…Read More

    Greg Weston
  9. Neuro-Muscular Massage

    "I have had a couple of deep tissue massages from Anthony. He is very gifted and could find exactly where my shoulder and back pain originated, bringing huge relief to these painful areas. I highly recommend him."…Read More

  10. Excellent Service

    "Tabitha did what many have tried and that was helping me with range of motion in my right shoulder and also helped with the pain. I HIGHLY recommend her and I will be coming back to her soon. Memphis "…Read More

    Memphis Johnson