1. Pregnancy Massage Benefits For Expectant Mothers

    The difficulties of being an expectant mother, especially during one’s first pregnancy, are beyond the scope of a single blog post. The fact of the matter is growing a human inside your body is a monumental challenge with a wide range of effects that have both physical and emotional tolls. Although pregnancy may cause a number of discomforts ranging from aching backs, leg cramps, swelling, and h…Read More

  2. If Myofascial Release Therapy Right For You?

    Myofascial release therapy relieves tension Do your muscles feel tight? Are you experiencing chronic pain in your back, hips, or shoulders? If you answered yes to either of these questions, scheduling an appointment for myofascial release therapy at Naples Massage and Neuromuscular could be just the thing you need. Before you make that decision, read below to learn more about myofascial release th…Read More

  3. Reasons To Get A Deep Tissue Massage

    You’ve heard it all before: your best friend just went to Naples and got another deep tissue massage, and they can’t stop talking about how great they feel. They’ve tried suggesting that you go and get one too, but you just don’t see why you’d ever need one. You feel great already, and if it ain’t broke, why pay somebody to fix it? Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is here to let you kn…Read More