1. Top Benefits of Getting Frequent Massages

    For those of you who have gotten a massage in the past, we know that you probably experienced incredible relaxation and stress relief! However, did you know that there are benefits that continue helping your body when you get massages regularly? These benefits range all the way from physical to emotional, and it doesn’t matter which type of massage you get. So whether you prefer Thai massage, de…Read More

  2. Athletic Injury Massage

    If you are an athlete, we at Naples Massage & Neuromuscular know how important it is to keep your body working effectively and painlessly. When you receive a sports injury, this is not only physically painful - it is stressful and irritating as well. The main focus of rehabilitating a physical injury is usually to rebuild the strength and flexibility that the injury took away, yet the rehabili…Read More

  3. Myths About Floatation Therapy

    Have you heard of floatation therapy? If so, you may have heard about some of the myths surrounding this wonderful method of relaxation. Naples Massage and Neuromuscular would like to bust some of these myths for our clients! Myth: Sleeping in the floatation tank is dangerous. We know that sleeping in water sounds like it would lead to drowning, but this isn’t the case. Many of our clients fall …Read More