1. Different Types Of Massage Therapy

    Our clients love the various types of massage you can get at Naples Massage & Neuromuscular. Our four biggest massage types are Swedish, Deep Tissue, ART®, and Sports Massage, and each of these treatments has its own benefits and targets specific areas and pains. Learn more about what each of our signature massages entails and book your appointment today!…Read More

  2. Neuromuscular Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage

    Are you experiencing neck and back pain that just won’t go away with stretching? At Naples Massage & Neuromuscular, we’ve been relieving the pain of the people of Naples, FL for over seven years. We offer a range of massage therapies performed by licensed massage therapists. But how do you know which massage is right for you? In this blog, we’ll go over some of the differences between th…Read More

  3. What Should Happen To Your Body After A Good Sports Massage

    Naples Massage & Neuromuscular is dedicated to helping our Florida patients rehabilitate after a stressful athletic season. Our massage therapists craft every athletic massage to cater to your areas of concern and we adjust them to fit your needs. Try a sports massage today and see the difference for yourself! There are several things you should experience after a good sports massage, all of w…Read More

  4. Pros and Cons of Deep Tissue Massages

    If you’re looking for ways to relax and relieve stress, a deep tissue massage at Naples Massage and Neuromuscular might be right up your alley. While we believe the pros outweigh the cons, with any massage, there are some pros and cons to consider before booking an appointment! Learn more, and if you’d like to book a massage therapy appointment, contact us today.…Read More

  5. Relieving Neck Pain with Massage Therapy

    Unfortunately, nobody is immune to neck pain. One study suggests that four in ten Americans suffer from neck pain on a regular basis. Whether it is mild, moderate, or severe, neck pain can interfere with your mood, sleep, daily activities, work, and fun adventures. While pain relievers like Aspirin can alleviate aches and discomfort, pills don’t necessarily target tight muscles or increase flexi…Read More