Congratulations! You are creating the miracle of life. There is nothing in the world like the nine-month miracle of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, nothing in the world can prepare a woman for the demands of pregnancy. The changes from head to toe that a woman must endure throughout pregnancy is incomparable to any other natural development, and you are going to need help and you are going to need relief. Perhaps no other time in a person’s life is there a better reason to be pampered by massage than during, or soon after, pregnancy. The aches and the stress and the responsibility all adds up to a 24/7 cycle of tension and pain management. Let Naples Massage and Neuromuscular assist in relieving that tension, provide some stress relief and eliminate some of the pain. We understand the delicate nature of pregnancy also requires great care and attention.

We Can Help

We also understand that your motherly instincts are in effect, and you want to ensure your massage session is perfect in every way for both you and baby. Professional massage therapist Tabatha Petersen offers pregnancy massage to expectant mothers in Naples, Florida and the surrounding area. Through specialized techniques that are designed specifically for pregnant women, she can help alleviate discomfort, promote relaxation, improve breathing, reduce joint pain, and provide relief from any digestive issues, all while keeping you and your child safe and comfortable. Naples Massage & Neuromuscular also offers post-natal massage therapy to help women recover from the trauma of giving birth.

At Naples, we know that a happy, healthy mother is crucial for the successful development and delivery of the child. Don’t let the stress of gestation get the better of you when a pregnancy massage could be just the thing to leave you feeling relieved and energized, ready to become the best mother for your child. To gain the true benefit of prenatal massage, you may want to have multiple sessions during your pregnancy. While prenatal massage can certainly aid in creating a more enjoyable and stress-free pregnancy, continuing your massage sessions after the baby is born may be the stress-relief you need as well.

Come relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with a pre- or post-natal massage. Contact Naples Massage & Neuromuscular today!