Whether you are a high school soccer player or an adult who enjoys playing a few rounds of golf each week, your muscles go through quite a bit. You may have heard about sports massage therapy, but is this type of therapy worth it? What sorts of benefits does a sports therapy massage provide? As it turns out, quite a few!

Physiological Benefits

When receiving a massage, your blood vessels are being dilated. This improves your circulation and can help the flow of oxygen to and from your muscles. As a result, your muscles begin to relax, release tension, and experience a reduction in soreness. This means faster recovery, as well as increased flexibility! McMaster University conducted a study that shows that massage encourages the growth of mitochondria when performed after exercise. This means the massage can help relieve your pain, encourage recovery, and build your muscles!

Psychological Benefits

When you compete in a sport, you need a strong body as well as a strong mind. In order to perform well on the court, field, track, or wherever, you need to be able to focus and stay energized. Massage can help you reduce your stress levels as well as tension and anxiety. Your dopamine and serotonin levels rise while your cortisol drops. This will keep you positive and relaxed before going into your next big game.

When you’re ready to experience the amazing benefits of a sports therapy massage, be sure to call the professionals at Naples Massage & Neuromuscular. We look forward to helping you!