At Naples Massage & Neuromuscular, our mission is to be the most trusted team for massage and neuromuscular therapy. One way we help is by providing the best hot stone massage in Naples, FL. Wondering what you can expect? Learn more about hot stone massages below, then contact us today to schedule a visit.

hot stones for massageWhat Is a Hot Stone Massage?

At Naples Massage & Neuromuscular, we’re proud to provide hot stone massage treatments using smooth, flat stones that have been sanitized and heated to between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We have spent years studying and perfecting our techniques in order to provide our clients with relaxing massages that help to release tension in your body.

hot stone massage setupRelieves Muscle Tension

There’s nothing more frustrating than always feeling tension in your body. With a hot stone massage, the goal is to address the muscle tension and leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. Our therapists may use smaller stones for more focused work to specifically address points of tension that are causing you issues.

hot stones on waterReduces Stress and Anxiety

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce tension in your muscles. Simply put, the feeling of warmth in a hot stone massage creates the tranquil essence needed to get your head out of the everyday stresses of life. 

women getting hot stone massageImproves Circulation

Heated stones on pain points of the body and large muscle groups will expand the cardiovascular regions of your body, creating better blood flow and allowing you to feel the effects of the hot stone massage. The end result is a feeling of relief, relaxation, and comfort.

When you visit Naples Massage & Neuromuscular, you can rest assured that our mission is to provide you with quality massage services. Whether your goal is to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your circulation, or find more comfort, hot stone massage may be the solution. We specialize in a number of different massage therapies, and that means we can adjust our treatment to address your body’s specific needs. Have a question? Ready to schedule a visit to experience hot stone massage for yourself? Get in touch today!

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