Receiving a hot stone massage is more than just a luxurious and relaxing spa treatment; it offers many therapeutic benefits for your overall health, wellness, and well-being. From helping you relax and de-stress to releasing tight, tense muscles naturally for effective pain relief, there are many ways hot stone therapy can help you heal, renew, and move more comfortably. 

What To Expect During a Hot Stone Massage

Your massage therapist will deliver hot stone treatment using smooth, flat stones that have been sanitized and heated to between 130 and 145 degrees. We use specific stones made from basalt, which retain heat and cool at a gradual rate. These stones of various sizes will be applied to different areas of your body using a variety of movements and Swedish massage techniques, including:

  • Long, gliding strokes
  • Kneading
  • Circular movements
  • Vibration
  • Tapping

The heat, essentially, penetrates deep into the tissues to help them heal, thereby replicating the effects of a deep tissue massage, but without applying the very deep/firm pressure. Your therapist may use smaller stones for more focused work to release points of tension (trigger points). Once the stones have been used to address specific areas of the body, the cooled stones may be placed on the body for continued therapeutic benefit. These areas include:

  • Along your spine
  • Your lower back (sacrum)
  • Your chest
  • Your stomach
  • Your face and forehead
  • Your palms
  • Your calves
  • Your feet and toes

Experience a Hot Stone Massage Today

If you are ready to experience a truly relaxing and therapeutic treatment to ease pain, stress, and tension, then a hot stone massage may be perfect for you. Get in touch with your Top Rated Local® massage therapist at Naples Massage & Neuromuscular to arrange your massage. We look forward to helping you find complete relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit.