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4 Ways Massage Can Help Build A Healthy Immune System

Relax, unwind, and support your health and wellness with massage!

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Looking to boost your immune system?

A massage is something that you can add to your wellness routine, need we say more?! So while you’re prioritizing self-care and letting stress melt away, you’re also doing your immune system a favor.

Learn more about how massage can help build a healthy immune system in today’s post.

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Combat Stress

Sure, there are foreign invaders ready to deploy at a moment’s notice making us feel under the weather, but when our immune system is compromised as a result of high stress levels, those bugs have an easier way of slipping through our line of defense.

Stress compromises the immune system and leaves you vulnerable to getting sick, but massage can help reduce stress, therefore fortifying the immune system.

Massage can help lower cortisol levels — that pesky stress hormone — to better promote a healthy immune system.

Improved Lymph Flow

Our bodies do an amazing job of bearing and detoxing our toxic load from sources such as pollution and chemicals, but it never hurts to help facilitate them along.

Our lymphatic system plays a key role in removing metabolic waste and toxins through our bodies, and massage is one of the best ways to get the lymph flowing. As you support your lymph system, you help support your body’s natural defense to ward off pathogens that can make you sick.

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Mitigate Inflammation

From achy joints to sore muscles, when our body has chronic inflammation, it makes it difficult for the immune system to fire on all cylinders because the energy reserved to fight off bacteria and viruses, is being rerouted to help support inflammation balance.

While it’s vital to get to the root cause of systemic inflammation, massage is a great tool to promote balance. As inflammation is suppressed and your pain levels subside, it makes it easier for your body to combat illness.

Enhanced Mental Health

Life is stressful, and between juggling work, relationships, and family life, it can be compromised by the weight of it all. We hear so much about burnout and even health issues such as adrenal fatigue and how they’re intimately tied to our stress response and mental health.
We know that massage helps combat stress, but if you need an hour to just get away from it all, massage is the perfect antidote. Your mind and body are connected, and when both are in harmony, it supports your immune system.

Clear your mind and enhance mental health with massage!

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Boost Your Immune System With Naples Massage & Neuromuscular Today!

Even just after one massage, research has shown that massage has a positive effect on the immune system! Naples Massage & Neuromuscular provides a variety of massage therapies including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, pre & post natal massage, and specialty massage.

Massage is the perfect — and most relaxing — way to help build a healthy immune system!

Support your immune system this season with a massage from Naples Massage & Neuromuscular.

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