You’ve heard it all before: your best friend just went to Naples and got another deep tissue massage, and they can’t stop talking about how great they feel. They’ve tried suggesting that you go and get one too, but you just don’t see why you’d ever need one. You feel great already, and if it ain’t broke, why pay somebody to fix it? Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is here to let you know, you don’t even realize how much better you could feel! Here’s why:

Stress Relief

If you’ve ever felt under pressure at work or in other stressful situations, you might not realize that your mind is not the only place it’s felt. Stress is stored in the muscles as tension which can build up over time. The changes are so gradual that you never notice it accumulating, but you could be walking around with unnecessary amounts of muscle tension that drains your energy. Deep tissue massage can make that tension go away.

Injury Recovery

Deep tissue massage can also be used to help injured muscle tissues heal. Twisted or tightened tissue can be stretched and moved back into its natural position, all while releasing toxins to promote a faster recovery. Athletes in particular seek deep tissue massage to help keep their bodies in top competitive form.

Chronic Pain

Because it is so effective at releasing muscle tension, deep tissue massage can alleviate all kinds of chronic pain, from headaches to lingering injuries. It does this by increasing blood flow through the affected tissues, reducing inflammation and removing toxins. This approach is often safer and more affordable than treating pain with constant medication.

If you live in Naples and have yet to experience the benefits of deep tissue massage, you don’t know what you’re missing. Contact Naples Massage and Neuromuscular today to schedule your first appointment; we know you’ll be back for more!