1. Are Pregnancy Massages Safe?

    Pregnancy massages are often surrounded by myths and warnings, but don’t worry! Prenatal massage actually boasts quite a few benefits for expecting mothers. You may be wondering what the benefits are and how prenatal massage can help you. Read on to learn more! Hormones Pregnancy invites an influx of hormones that can be stressful to expecting mothers, but massage therapy can help. The hormone l…Read More

  2. Is a Sports Therapy Massage Worth It?

    Whether you are a high school soccer player or an adult who enjoys playing a few rounds of golf each week, your muscles go through quite a bit. You may have heard about sports massage therapy, but is this type of therapy worth it? What sorts of benefits does a sports therapy massage provide? As it turns out, quite a few! Physiological Benefits When receiving a massage, your blood vessels are being…Read More

  3. Reasons To Get A Deep Tissue Massage

    You’ve heard it all before: your best friend just went to Naples and got another deep tissue massage, and they can’t stop talking about how great they feel. They’ve tried suggesting that you go and get one too, but you just don’t see why you’d ever need one. You feel great already, and if it ain’t broke, why pay somebody to fix it? Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is here to let you kn…Read More

  4. Welcome To The Naples Massage & Neuromuscular Blog!

    So what’s so special about getting a massage? What’s it like inside of a floatation therapy tank? Can therapeutic massage really help me recover from an injury? What’s the difference between Thai massage and Swedish massage? Or active release technique, for that matter? It’s interesting; for as popular as all the different forms of massage therapy are in Naples and all across the world, th…Read More