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Float Therapy Facts

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Float therapy has become a hit sensation for people seeking a relaxing and therapeutic technique to help their minds, bodies, and spirits. From a need to decompress to getting off that troubling writer's block, float therapy provides a relaxing solution to get you the mental restart you need. Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is here to bring you the essential float therapy facts to know. Check out what's going on at our location online today!

Float Therapy Facts
woman floating

Float Therapy Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Isolating time away from your busy schedule for float therapy is not counterproductive. Instead, finding an outlet to relieve anxiety and stress will allow you to refresh your focus and wellbeing for your routine ahead. Just like meditation, float therapy will enable you to maintain a calming peace of mind to bring your psyche back to a present state as you peacefully exist in the now.

Float Therapy Can Accelerate Healing

Gravity does not affect your bones, joints, and muscles while doing float therapy . In addition, floating reduces your blood pressure and heart rate while improving your body circulation. It's not an understatement how much float therapy helps your body rejuvenate and heal.

man floating
woman floating in deprivation tank touching her face

Float Therapy Can Treat Chronic Pain and Tension

Did you get that painful knot that won't leave? Back pain that loves to undermine your day when you're feeling happy? Float therapy aims to soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, your back and neck, inflammation, and tendonitis. Take a look at our treatment plans today to get you on the right track for treating your chronic pain and tension.

Float Therapy Can Improve Memory and Learning

Cutting away distractions during float therapy allows for your mind to fully relax, creating a positive effect on creativity, learning, and memory retention in the long run. The physical and mental break also aids in getting a better night's sleep which will help long-term brain function even more.


Experience the benefits of float therapy yourself and have your mind and body thank you later. Schedule an appointment today!

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