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4 Ways Children Can Benefit From Massage Therapy

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When most people think of massage therapy, they imagine a luxurious, rejuvenating treatment for adults. But did you know that children can benefit from it, too? As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child’s health and wellness, so you may be surprised to learn that includes seeking massage therapy near you for them. However, the wealth of benefits it offers makes this treatment more than worthwhile. Keep reading to learn what massage therapy can do for your child, then visit Naples Massage and Neuromuscular for the best massage therapy in Naples, Florida.

Stimulate Growth and Development

One of the most significant benefits of massage therapy for children is stimulating growth and development. This includes brain development, as research has shown that infants who receive regular massages have improved cognitive function and sleep patterns. Massage therapy can also help alleviate pain or discomfort associated with growth spurts. Not only will a massage help ease their symptoms, but also provide them with a relaxed state of mind.

Manage Behavioral Problems

Massage therapy can also help manage behavioral problems in children, such as ADHD and autism. For children with ADHD, massage therapy may improve focus and concentration. It can also help reduce impulsivity and hyperactivity. As for children on the autism spectrum, massage therapy can help with communication difficulties and sensory processing issues. Autism is a complex condition that affects each individual differently, but many parents have found that massage helps their child feel more comfortable in social situations and eases symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

Improve Sleep Quality

Does your child have trouble sleeping through the night? Massage therapy can help with that, too. A good night’s sleep is essential for children’s growth and development, but it can be hard to come by when they’re dealing with anxiety, stress, or pain. Massage therapy can help relax the mind and body, which leads to improved sleep quality. As a result, you’ll find your child is sleeping through the night without issue and feeling more energized during the day.

Strengthen Immune System

A strong immune system is the key to fighting off illness, and massage therapy can help with that. When children receive massages, their body releases oxytocin, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety, but it also strengthens the immune system. So, if your child is prone to getting sick often, massage therapy may be just what they need to boost their immunity and stay healthy all year long.

As you can see, massage therapy can benefit children in many ways. If you want to improve your child’s health and well-being, Naples Massage and Neuromuscular is here to help. We offer the best massage therapy in Naples, Florida, so call us today to schedule an appointment. Your child will thank you!

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