From your first fall as a child you have been accumulating injuries, left as scar tissue in your body long after the memory of the accident fades. Because your injuries don’t just “go away,” many times you are left with some tightness, loss of motion, and pain which may not be noticeable until your scar tissue accumulates into a problem that limits how you play. That’s when it’s time to consider sports therapy massage from Naples’ finest.

While your body has a natural healing process that may allow you to get back in the game after an injury, this process includes building up scar tissue which is essential to your healing. However, even after your rehab period is complete, the scar tissue remains, acting as a blockade for your muscles so you gradually feel weaker, less flexible and more prone to further injury.

With massage therapy, there is a solution.

With Active Release Technique®, you can fully heal from the injuries that are plaguing your past, breaking up the leftover scar tissue while regaining your motion, stamina, strength, and control. Because ART® is muscle and movement specific, our massage professionals are able to target your specific problem areas as well as all the connective tissues so that you can get up and back in the game feeling years younger.

What to Expect from ART®

You’ll know when we’ve found the problem area. Typically, the body has two natural responses to this specific technique. First, it may duplicate your symptoms such as numbness, tingling or pain. The second response is the strengthening of the weak muscle and restoring function to your soft tissues.

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